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Healing ourselves can be a tricky journey, one you may have been on a long time, or one you have recently joined. Wherever you are on your path, it can be daunting and overwhelming when searching for the best type of treatments or therapy for you. I see clients every day changing their lives with the power of Hypnotherapy and I believe it the most powerful form of therapy for creating positive change in our life. 

Natural Relaxation ​

Hypnosis is a very natural state for the human body to be in, in fact you probably go into a hypnotic state many times a day without realizing it. For example just before you drop off to sleep, or when you drive a regular journey to work or the supermarket and suddenly realize you don't remember getting there.  Perhaps you have been sat and drifted off into a day dream or become immersed fully in an activity such as watching something or making a cake...these all are all types of a hypnotic state. 

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