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Citrine: The Stone of Prosperity and Manifestation.

These Beautiful Yellow Citrine Polished Points are warming energizing stones. Citrine is the premier manifestation crystal, helping bring prosperity, success, and abundance to your life. Meditating with a crystal point in your hands or placed in front of you will help to clear your mind of clutter, stress, and anxiety.

  • Citrine is the November Birthstone
  • Citrine helps activate creativity and enhances individuality while allowing you to be less sensitive to criticism
  • Improves blood circulation, detoxifies your body and improves digestion
  • Fills the aura with golden light and stimulates the solar plexus for boosting confidence and will power
  • Beneficial for removing destructive tendencies
  • Increases creativity, promotes happiness, generosity, and positivity

*Feng Sui Tip:  You can place a Citrine gemstone in the prosperity corner of your home to bring abundance and wealth

This is a stock photo natural color & size variation will be found in each individual stone.

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