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Handcrafted Puzz drum with engraving "Magic flower".

It is made in beautiful “Rainbow's light” color. It is so cool that even the camera can't pick up all its flashes and nuances. Therefore, pay attention, that color of the drum may slightly differ from the one shown in the image! This is because I achieve this wonderful colors using fire and natural properties of metal. And I can’t completely control this process and only the universe knows how it will look when finished. The design is always the same, but color placement on each drum is unique!

The beauty of this drum is not only in colors or engraving. But also in the energy that it filled with. Energy of love and harmony. And I'm sure you feel it.

Tuned in 440 Hz world standard of tuning any instrument.
Tuned in 432 Hz will be great for meditation and relax.

• Diameter 12.8 inches / 325 mm
• Height 6.5 inches / 170 mm
• Weight 4 kg
• 10 tongues
• A pair of wooden mallets is included
• You can easily play with your hands
• Beautiful natural colors of steel are made by fire
• All Puzz drums are perfectly tuned

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